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ISSPA has been founded to create a platform of Professionals, Corporate, Institutions and all those who are responsible for safety and security to Life, Assets and Economy. World is reeled under many kind of threats. Terrorism activities are on all time high. One the other hand new inventions and developments providing innovative and sophisticated equipment and tools to detect and disable all such security threats. Technologies are changing so fast that users are sometimes unable to keep themselves updated in tandem with such inventions. Therefore a need was felt to have a global society to share and learn such developments mutually. Thus ISSPA was born to lead the way to professionals and experts in discharging their responsibilities to secure Human Life, Human Assets and Economies of Country.

Reason for rise of ISSPA

To create a trusted and global organisation

To share common concerns on security threats and their prevention

Encourage Safety and Security related education, training and research & development

Networking among members globally and liaison with Country governments

To stimulate Public-Private cooperation

Defense, Civil & Community Policing, Manager In charge of Security at commercial establishments, Corporate and institutions into Security equipments, training, research & developments are members of ISSPA.

International Governing Board

International Affairs are being administered, managed and monitored by an International Governing Board that comprises experts and veterans from Army, civil and community police, security equipments vendors, research scholars, scientists and many more.

Principal Objective

ISSPA may be perceived as a global organisation committed to bring harmony among safety and security professional globally. As a specialized body of professionals responsible for safety and security of Life, Assets and Economy, ISSPA dedicate itself to the cause of earth, peace and harmony.

Objectives of ISSPA

Professional Development

ISSPA would be instrumental in imparting professional training, supporting continuing education and other learning methods or upgrading skills among professionals who are responsible for Safety and Security to Human, Assets and Economy.

Global Net working

ISSPA is built to be a single platform for global networking with peers into safety and security domain. Global Networking will facilitate sharing of information among members with respect to possible threat and risk on human, assets and economy. Combining of synergies of professionals of developed, developing and under developed nations could lead to a safe and secure nation.

Harmony in Safety and Security Practices

ISSPA would initiate in identifying, adoption and Implementation of globally recognized practices and policies. It will disseminate well suitable technology and equipments information to Safety and Security stakeholders globally. ISSPA will ensure that benefit of advancement goes to last mile in the benefit of Humanity across the global.

Recommending Body to Countries

ISSPA would be studying the requirement of any country to curb ongoing threats and to suggest ways to detect and prevent such kind of security threats. In this endeavor ISSPA shall be holding various workshops, conferences, seminars and symposiums to invite view points of experts and brain storming with experts and users to reach a common acceptable solution to such particular country. In this endeavor country chapter shall be coordinating with International Governing Board.


ISSPA is present in every continent through its Country Chapters.
Country chapters are autonomous bodies to be registered under respective
Law of the land of that country and shall manage its
affairs locally. All the programs and initiatives of ISSPA will be delivered
to individual members through its Country Chapter.
Chapter Chairman and Secretary are the part
of International Governing Board and shall be responsible
for the activities pertaining to that country.


Membership of ISSPA is open to all Individuals, Corporate, Research Organisation, Educational Institutions and Skill Development agencies who are into providing safety and security to Public Life, Assets and Economy.

ISSPA membership is accorded by International Governing Council and after enrollment these are affiliated with Country Chapter.

Category of Membership

Individuals from Defense, Civil and Community Police Forces, looking after safety and security at any type of organisation, research and development of Safety and Security products, experts imparting skills and training for safety and security, employees of Corporate who are into production of Safety and Security equipments.

Corporate engaged into design, production and marketing of Safety and Security Equipments

Institutions engaged into Research, Education and Skill development into Safety and Security Domain

Membership Fee


One time Joining fee $50

Annual Subscription $100

One time Life Subscription $1000

Institutions/Association members

One time Joining fee $125

Annual Subscription $250

One time Life Subscription $2500


As to be decided by Executive Committee from Time to Time.

Annual Subscription $250

One time Life Subscription $2750

Benefits to members

A. Complimentary copy of its Bi Monthly Journal COPS TODAY INTERNATIONAL

B. Complimentary entry to annual conference and symposiums to be organized by ISSPA International or concerned Country Chapter

C. Opportunity to be nominated on Country Board of Governors and International Governing Body.

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