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Generators sent to Ukraine as many without power

2023-06-04 18:23:43 [Press center5] source:Reuters

Electricity generators are being sent to Ukraine by a charity to help victims of the war who are without power.

The Healing Hands Network set off with the equipment from Warwick at 08:00 GMT, using a transit van and an SUV.

Sue Stretton, director of the charity, said the vehicles will then be left in the country to be used by organisation Stay Safe.

Ukraine was invaded by Russian forces on 24 February and Ms Stretton said people are "desperate for generators".

"[Stay Safe} will distribute all the aid across Ukraine, taking stuff to hospitals and the towns and villages that have been occupied," Ms Stretton added.

Along with the generators, which have been donated by Machine Mart Coventry, the charity is providing includes general and surgical medical equipment and humanitarian aid like blankets, food and warm clothing.

It is the second time the charity has sent aid to the country.

In October, the team made their way to Poland and volunteer Simon said it took about 38 hours, before the aid was taken over the border.

"It was quite gruelling," he said.

Last time three ambulances, one used in TV's Holby City, were used to carry the aid.

The team this time will be stopping in Lviv in western Ukraine and said the journey will cost around £800 in fuel costs.

Being volunteers, they have set up a GoFundMe page to cover expenses.

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