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Ukraine war refugees thank city for safe haven

2023-06-04 18:43:48 [Press center8] source:Reuters

Ukrainian refugees have put on a concert in Coventry to thank people for giving them a safe place to stay after the Russian invasion of their homeland.

The sell-out show at the city's Ukrainian Social Club included poetry, traditional dance and theatre.

Irina Izotova sang a song dedicated to mothers who had lost sons during the war at Saturday's event.

"I have great support from all of you and because of that it's easier for us," she said of people in Coventry.

The concert also raised money for the Help Ukraine Fund.

Hundreds of people have gone to the city, and Warwickshire, via the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Debra and Dave Evans were among many sponsors who attended the concert at the centre at Leicester Causeway.

They have taken in Mariia and her children, who fled their home near the Russian border.

"They are very nice people, they help us with everything and we feel like relations. So we are lucky to be in their home and be together," Mariia told the BBC.

Mrs Evans said she had felt emotional watching the concert.

"I was actually in tears at the end, it was so beautiful".

Her husband added the "moving" concert was very well-organised.

Victor Paramud, a professional chef from the city of Lviv, and other volunteers cooked for the occasion.

He said he thought British people would be surprised by Ukrainian dishes, but would enjoy them.

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